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Dr. T Sringari is a profound Orthopaedician with remarkable surgical & clinical accuracy. With over more than 15 years of intricate experience in dealing with individuals with orthopaedic problems, problems, trauma and also replacements. Dr. T Sringari is thought about one of the very best orthopaedic doctor in Gurgaon.

Replacement, Sports Injuries & Arthroscopic Surgical Procedure. He has done over 1500 Joint Replacements including Minimally Invasive, Uni -Compartmental, Overall Hip Replacement, Overall Knee Substitute, Patello Femoral Replacements and Alteration Joint Substitutes.

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Dr. T Sringari

He is additionally a professional in the monitoring of Sports Injuries as well as has actually executed over 5000 arthroscopic surgical treatments.

He has actually also arranged treatment for numerous sports satisfies including ICL.
His scholastic quests have gotten worldwide success with the publication/presentation of 16 international documents in numerous nations like the UK, Australia, Spain, Turkey, etc

Who is an
orthopaedic doctor?

Orthopaedics is the clinical field that focuses on diseases and problems that influence your musculoskeletal system. People typically see an orthopaedic physician when they’re injured or when they have a persistent problem, such as arthritis or reduced pain in the back.

Originally, an orthopaedic Surgeon was devoted to the therapy of kids with bone or back conditions. As time adjustments, the orthopaedic medical professional has progressed enormously. Now, the very best Orthopaedic Medical professionals take care of people of any age team. Orthopaedic Physicians are the doctor that treatments various congenital or functional disorders connected to bones with surgical procedure, spreading, as well as bracing. Orthopaedists likewise handle to heal bone injuries. These doctors also deal with infections, sports injuries, broken bones, as well as joint problems.

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What Orthopaedic Surgery we offer?

Why should I see an
orthopaedic doctor?

An orthopaedic medical professional deals with the illness and also injuries related to the bone and joint system. You should consult your orthopaedic medical professional if having discomfort in ankle joints, knees, hips, shoulders or back. Several of the signs are:

  • Problem in walking
  • Discomfort in muscles or ligaments
  • Joint discomfort Swelling or wounding around the joints
  • Joint deformity
  • Dislocations

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